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A fourth generation full Taxidermy service, the choice of New Zealand’s hunting guides and outfitters, local hunters, fishers and natural history museums for over a century.

All forms of taxidermy undertaken, Big Game, Trout and Salmon, Game Birds and Small game – All work guaranteed.

Export – we will assist in shipping your trophy to you, cleared through customs quickly and efficiently. You can reply on our experience, expertise and commitment.

Please have a look at our Facebook page I think you will agree The Taxidermist Ltd mounts have natural eye-appeal and tasteful presentation.

You are welcome to visit our studio in Queenstown (location) and see why The Taxidermist Ltd is the one to which others are compared. There you will meet David Jacobs – the only person that will be doing the work. You will see Red stag, Fallow buck, Tahr and Chamois along with African and Exotics. Taxidermy for sale, collectibles, wildlife art and tanned game skins, antlers and horns.

David Jacobs | Taxidermist

If you have been to New Zealand’s National museum or the Smithsonian, you have seen David’s work.

If you have spent countless days in remote wilderness searching for that one prized trophy, then you have something in common with David – A passion for hunting that has no limits.

Interested in learning taxidermy or wish to purchase taxidermy supplies and materials? David is a respected an international taxidermy competition judge. Contact David personally today about all your taxidermy requirements.

David’s personal pledge to you:

“When a hunter entrusts us with their prized trophy they have expectations of quality. I work hard and make every effort to produce a quality piece. I have been doing taxidermy since I was ten. It is my life passion. I continue to study in the traditional methods of sculpture, state of the art taxidermy techniques and modern tanning methods. My father impressed upon me that all the small things done well are what makes every mount a piece of art.

I accept work from all over the world, catering to the quality-conscious client looking for an artistically composed, one-of- a-kind mount. I take enormous pride in creating original mounts and have every confidence that you will be impressed with the workmanship. If you find our rates to be slightly higher than our competition, I can’t apologize. Instead, I will offer you the highest quality mount you can find for your money.

Many taxidermists say they have the advantage of local species knowledge; I put that claim to practice in every aspect of the mount. At The Taxidermist Ltd your trophies are mounted on sculptured manikins exclusive to me and not available anywhere else in the world. Our mounts are renowned for impeccable detail, brilliantly executed design and quality workmanship. I look forward to working with you to create and deliver a trophy of a lifetime.”

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