Most commonly asked questions???
And the answers.


Do we mount pets?

No. Regrettably like most taxidermists, we only undertake museum work and game trophies.


Where can I learn how to do taxidermy?

Our Taxidermy Academy offers courses and personal one on one tutoring anywhere throughout the world.


Can we tan hides for flat-skins?

Yes, we can tan game skins and sheepskins with 4 inches or less wool.
Delivery time is approximately four months for flat-skin tanning.
The cost depends on the species and is based on the finished size of the finished skin.
We require 50% deposit upon delivery of the skin.


Do we mount Fish?

Yes, there are two options:

Skin Mount: Using the actual fish. The fish cannot be gutted and must be in good condition. This is the more expensive option, but many people consider it retains the originality of the actual fish.

Conservation or Reproduction Mount: A fibre glass reproduction, very realistic, permanent and less expensive.


Can we value old taxidermy?

Yes. We need to see it, so please bring it in.


Can we repair or restore old taxidermy?

Yes, but often a total remount is the better option. In which case, we only require the antlers or horns. We are able to supply replacement skins from our stock.


Do we do insurance claim quotes?

Yes. Please provide full and descriptive list of items: species, type of mount, trophy size, year when mounted. We also need the insurance company name and claim number if possible.


Do we sell mounts?

Yes, you are welcome to visit our studio to see our large display or view our on line newsletter.


Can we mount native birds?

Except for those taken legally under game bird license e.g. Paradise Shelduck and Pukeko, most native birds are fully protected under the Wildlife Act. We can mount birds if the specimen has an accompanying Wildlife permit issued by the Department of Conservation. The Department of Conversation usually only issue such permits if the specimen is to be used for educational or scientific uses. They do not issue permits for personal display. If you find a dead native bird specimen in good condition, we are able to accept it on behalf of the Department of Conservation.


Are we open on the weekends?

Yes, but only by special arrangement with the Manager. You will need to make an appointment. We need time to go hunting and fishing too!


What are the export permit requirements and costs?

The type and cost of the permits constantly change. Please refer to our online newsletter.


What are the importing requirements into New Zealand?

You must declare all wildlife or animal products. MAF will usually fumigate for a small fee. Ensure all specimens are legally taken and provide CITES permits when required. Check CITES status of species before importing.

Fumigated skins need immediate care to enable satisfactory tanning. We advise immediate delivery to our studio. Ask MAF to send to 38 Birmingham Drive, Christchurch, New Zealand.


Do we sell taxidermy supplies?

Yes, please supply your name and address and we will post you our current price-list.


What method of payment do we accept?

For your deposit we accept: personal cheque, cash of any currency, money order or Visa or Mastercard.
For final payment we require cash in New Zealand dollars or Telegraphic transfer.
For ease of International payment, we can charge your Visa or Mastercard the final amount in New Zealand dollars.


Can I take my trophy home with me on the plane?

Bear in mind that it takes a minimum of 4 working days, sometimes longer, to obtain all the necessary New Zealand Government export documentation. Also large items such as antlers attract oversize and excess baggage charges. It is often a false economy to take the trophies with you.


Can my trophies be shipped door-to-door?

All shipments of game trophies entering the United States of America must pass inspection by US Fish & Wildlife. This must take place at an approved US Fish & Wildlife Office location. Similar rules apply to other destinations. Therefore, it is not possible to ship game trophies door-to-door.


Do discounts apply for multiple mounts?

It is our wish to offer you the absolute finest quality taxidermy available. From start to finish every mounted specimen is completely handmade. All materials and specimens are hand sculptured, engineered, assembled and painted. Quality takes time; it is the very nature of handmade artwork. We are here to offer you the finest, not the fastest or mass-produced product. For these reasons, discounts are not possible but quality is assured.


What are our delivery time criteria?

When requested we are able to offer a six to eight month delivery for most of our clients. Delivery dates commence after receipt of the following:-

1. Delivery of all the trophies to our studio.

2. Payment of a deposit (approximately 50% of the taxidermy fees).

3. Confirmation of the taxidermy instructions.


Do we mount reptiles?

All New Zealand native reptiles are fully protected. We have limited experience in this area, but are happy to quote for reptile work.



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