The Taxidermist Ltd offers to the hobby and commercial taxidermist a good range of full shoulder and life-size mannequins for all New Zealand species.

These mannequins have been sculpted using our extensive library of photographic and measurement reference material. They are the same forms we use. We also sell tanning chemicals, mounting materials and glass eyes.

Please fill out the enquiry form to request a free copy of our current catalogue.


We operate an in-house tannery. Skins are fully tanned using German tanning chemicals. The techniques and method adopted ensure our exacting standards of hide care are maintained throughout the process.

Your trophies never leave the premises and delays are avoided. Our clients enjoy the added peace of mind of fully mothproofed hides.

Our company does not undertake the tanning of hides for other taxidermists. We can arrange to replace a skin or cape that is damaged.





The Taxidermist Limited offers a 90-day skin, salt and dry preparation of your trophies for export.

The skins are salted twice and dry when shipped. The skins are perishable and subject to climate change in transit that endangers them. It is preferable to ship directly to a taxidermist or tannery, which can take immediate care of them upon arrival.


Un-mounted trophies are always sent by airfreight to minimize the risk of damage to salted skins. The airfreight component of this account is quite large.


We are happy to prepare quotes for both taxidermy and expediting. The exchange rate, coupled with favourable shipping costs, make having your taxidermy done in New Zealand a competitive option.


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