Our studio is the most modern and spacious in the New Zealand taxidermy industry. The facility in Christchurch was constructed in 1987 to suit our exact needs. Our showroom displays all the species of the South Pacific. We enjoy meeting fellow hunters and invite you to inspect our facilities at 38 Birmingham Drive, Christchurch during your visit to New Zealand. The facility encompasses all departments for the production and manufacture of quality trophy mounts.


Full quality control from skinning to mounting. Skins are fully tanned using German tanning chemicals. The techniques and method adopted ensure our exacting standards of hide care are maintained throughout the process. Your trophies never leave the premises and delays are avoided. Our clients enjoy the added piece of mind of fully moth-proofed hides.



Good taxidermy starts with the original sculpting of the animal form. The availability of freshly shot material is invaluable when sculpting the original.


We have sculpted and developed the largest range of mannequins for New Zealand species available. Drawing on our vast reference library of data (measurement charts, death masks etc) and photographs, our range represents four generations of research and development.

All the headforms, lifesize forms, earliners and eyes are sculpted and manufactured on the premises. We are agent for Tohickon Glass Eyes, USA. Long time personnel contact exists with taxidermy supply houses in North America and Australia and we can utilise their resources when necessary.


We are an environmentally aware company conducting a recycling programme, using CFC free polyurethanes and located in an industrial zone with a trade waste water permit.



An artistically mounted trophy should reflect both the skill of the taxidermist and the character of the species. It’s our aim to show your trophy to its best potential, to display the beauty of the wildlife and bring back the memory of the hunt. We will help you choose the best pose for your mount to show it to advantage for the place where you will display it.


We will adjust, re-position and re-sculpture if necessary to fit your particular needs.




The debate whether taxidermy is an art or a craft is a perennial one. At Terry Jacobs Ltd, both artistic talent and quality craftsmanship come together to produce the finest results. We only do one type of work - our best.


Throughout the process the latest technology and quality materials are used. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. We are renowned for being innovative with the presentation and design of our work. We subscribe to wildlife art and taxidermy trade journals and attend international taxidermy conferences and trade shows. This is to insure that we maintain contact with new technical developments and keep our work standards as state-of-the-art.


Peace of Mind

Comprehensive insurance and secure premises.
Nothing leaves the building - all work done in house.
Transportation crates professionally constructed in-house.
We have been in the taxidermy business for four generations.

References available upon request.

Artistry, technical excellence and service
all mean you can trust The Taxidermist Limited.


For maximum security of your unique and valuable trophies the purpose built studio at 38 Birmingham Drive, Christchurch has:


Deep-freeze with 24 hour monitoring. Separate dangerous goods storage.
24 hour monitored security on building. Vermin proofing.
Total insurance package including customer's goods cover.
Precautionary regular fumigation of the entire premises.
Our in-house tannery ensures that your trophies never leave our premises.


We have taken every possible care and precaution to safeguard your trophies.

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